Meet the Team

Our team is passionate and committed to making a positive impact on families lives.


I grew up in Australia with a warm climate, a big backyard and plenty of room to play. I was personally always active and was encouraged by my parents to try every activity I could. My parents were a big influence in my belief that everyone can be active. This was demonstrated first hand by my mum who decided one day to start running at the ripe age of 57. She has now completed over 400 runs for the local runners club. Running has given her an activity that my sister and I can do with her together. Something we cherish, particularly when we can run on holidays.

I started Skadoosch after learning about how children weren’t meeting the Chief Medical Officer's (CMO’s) daily guidelines for physical activity. I asked a number of families what they did together for physical activity and was surprised that whilst most were active, it was predominantly doing their own individual activities. I saw an opportunity to change this mindset and focus on getting active together as a family.

With the help of teachers and physiotherapists we developed a curriculum that complimented the PE school syllabus and Skadoosch was born along with our first brand pillar “Healthy Habits”. After running several trials, it became evident that our classes offered so much more than just 'children’s physical activity', it wasn’t just a mundane push up or a sit up, our games and activities were an opportunity for the entire family to have FUN together. It’s a wonderful thing to watch a family have fun and laugh together and something I encourage all families to cherish. FUN became a core focus and one of our brand pillars “Jump for Joy”.

Research suggests that a happy family has a higher level of mental well being, something that has become increasingly important following the events of 2020, this is something we really want to demonstrate through our classes. This is our third pillar focusing on “Positive Energy”.

Skadoosch classes offer games and activities that everyone can play using objects available around the house. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to share Skadoosch with you and look forward to hearing about your fun experiences in the future.

Rob Mackay
Founder of Skadoosch