Move Together

Our classes are aimed at real-world outcomes that benefit families. We encourage children to be active from a young age, setting healthy habits and helping them develop the skills they need to stay active throughout their lives.

Brand pillars

  • Our pillars guide which stories we tell because they are firmly rooted in what makes Skadoosch unique and awesome, allowing us to stand apart. Our three defining pillars speak to how we are different and why that matters.
    Jump for joy
    Have fun with your children, in social interactions, whilst getting healthy and active together.
  • Positive Energy
    Build your child’s physical literacy in fundamental movement with your support as parents.
  • Healthy habits
    Learn more about the positive impacts an active lifestyle can have on your children’s mental health and well-being.

Our purpose is to create meaningful classes for families to have fun whilst helping develop their children’s physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.

Our classes were born out of a realisation that children were not meeting the governments guidelines for recommended daily physical activity, and a recognition that parents are ultimately responsible for helping children achieve this. Parents are the most important role models in children’s development of long term habits.

Research provides evidence that families spend more time than ever together, but that's in a state called "alone-together", which means that whilst they are in the same location, they are actually spending a lot of that time alone.

Lack of meaningful
time together

Of the average 136 minutes parents spend alone together with their children, 87 minutes were spent in shared activities such as eating or watching TV.

Finding time

50% of British parents with a child would like to spend more time together.

Positive Impact

"People who engage in sport and physical activity are less likely to feel lonely” which has a positive impact on a persons mental state.

We Face Challenges

  • In our efforts to target potentially inactive demographics.
  • In changing family mentality that suggests “we are too busy and don’t have the time”
  • In inspiring a change of perception or re-connection around the importance of quality time as a family.
  • A realisation of the positive impacts that quality time together can have on increasing relationships between family members and creating a positive mental outlook.
  • Breaking down gender barriers from the earliest possible age, by encouraging interaction of everyone.
  • Making the classes accessible to every family. This isn’t only cost, but also to deliver classes at times that suit every family’s circumstances.
  • Making the classes inclusive for every family member.
We seek to inspire change with this mentality, and are focused on delivering classes that address these focus areas.

Our Focus

  • Driven by the Quality of the experience for the family.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Inclusive for all.
  • Fun.
  • Long enough to be meaningful, but short enough to not require excessive time commitments.

Breaking Down Barriers for All Families

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a fun and active life. Skadoosch is the result of a growing community, working together to provide just that.

The idea of family has changed over the years and it means something different to everyone.
We believe that every family should have the opportunity to realise their potential and stay physically active, mentally happy and socially engaged together.