Online Classes
Anywhere, Anytime

Our online classes are more than just group exercise.

Our classes empower families to lift spirits and engagement by prioritising well-being at home. Experience breakthroughs in relationships and share beautiful moments together.


Our classes are available on our YouTube channel and are updated with new content each month for you to experience at home at a time that suits you.

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Our live classes are currently available by invitation-only. To ensure your best possible experience, we are adding families in an intentional and mindful way. We will send you an email when spots opens up and share the class details.

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What to expect when joining a live class

Clothing & Equipment

Our classes make use of objects that you can find around the house. We recommend wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Setting up your space

Make sure you have a clear space free from any objects that you could slip or trip on. Before attending a class, you will need to complete our Class Checklist.

Complete Class Checklist

Connect & wait

Always join the class early with the Zoom link provided on email, its helpful to have a stable internet connection.

What to expect during a live class

Clear your schedule to be present for the next 30 minutes. Our Classes begin with a welcome, move into a light warm-up and journey through a series of fun games and activities.

Our classes combine the accessibility of a online platform with the personalisation
of a class leader, available at home or wherever families choose to spend time together.

  • Warm Up

  • Activities

  • Muscular Strength

  • Muscular

  • Cardiovascular

  • Flexibility

  • Warm Down