Inspiring Change Together

Classes for Schools

We want to change the world. Our education is aimed at real-world outcomes that benefit families as part of the overall school community.
  • Support Families

    Support families in their pursuit of more meaningful interactions together.
  • Remove Barriers

    Remove physical barriers for families, by offering or providing new venues for families to participate in physical activity.
  • Develop your Leaders

    Support school staff with opportunities to further develop skills to deliver new activities and games
  • Build Community

    Encourage social interactions within the school grounds to build community within the school.
  • Create Positivity

    Build on the positive impact that physical activity can have on a child’s ability to concentrate and learn.

Our Mutual Goals

  • 1
    For Children
    Build physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Educate children on mental health and break down gender stereotypes.
  • 2
    For Parents
    Building bonds within families and help parents to teach physical literacy to their children (motivation, confidence, and understanding of physical competence). Increase social interactions within families.
  • 3
    For the Community
    Building relationships between parents, schools, class leaders and other members of the community.

In-Person Classes

These classes are held at the school, at times immediately before or after the school day (to align with when parents drop off or pick up their children). The Class Leader is present and can participate with the family in the class. The benefit of these classes is the additional space that the school offers and access to readily available play equipment that can be incorporated into the class design.

At Home Classes

These classes offer the flexibility of participating from an area as small as 2m x 2m, and at a mutually agreed time between the family and the Class Leader. This is particularly handy when the weather is cold/wet/windy outside, or when juggling times around other daily commitments. These classes can be run with items readily found around the house such as socks and a washing basket.

Who leads our Classes?

There are a number of options for class leaders. We can train existing staff members that are familiar with the children (eg. teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches) or we can provide our own class leaders (all with enhanced DBS check and First Aid accreditation).
Getting Active Together

with Us

Join other leading schools in partnering with us to provide classes for your families. By providing access to your facilities we can work with your families to help build your school community and help the children with their development of their fundamental movement skills and physical literacy.
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Berger Primary

Berger Primary is a Skadoosch school partner and recognise the importance of physical activity for their students and removing barriers to ensure all their students can get involved in exercise.

Hear From Our Families

Families are already discovering new and fantastic ways to encourage each other whilst creating memorable moments during our classes.

“Our daughter Xanthe really enjoyed the classes, I think the interaction with the class leader Lizi helped massively. In fact we call it ‘Exercise with Rob and Lizi’. Great that it was tailored to her too. I like the fact it makes fitness fun and you don’t need tonnes of space or equipment. The duration is just right and for me it was nice to see and hear her father Matt and Xanthe having fun together.”
Helen Apaloo
Skadoosch Participant
“Skadoosch classes provided us with quality time as a family and an allocated time to interact and engage with each other without distractions. As the weeks progressed we saw the children’s co-operation, confidence and ability develop.”
France Family
Skadoosch Participant
“During lockdown we have really lacked the motivation to get outside as a family and exercise together, Skadoosch have really helped us change that. Our kids are so excited before every session, the variety of games we play during each session really keeps them engaged for the full 30 minutes - no mean feat with a 3 and 9 year old!"
Wilson Family
Skadoosch Participant
“Skadoosch have created a fun and easy to use platform that quickly became something that both my daughter and I looked forward to. The simplicity of set up and the idea of using every day household objects to create a challenging workout added to the overall experience. Great job on an excellent platform!”
Josh Higgins
Skadoosch Participant