Meet the Team

Our team is passionate and committed to making a positive impact on families lives.


Seeing families work together, move together, and have fun together, is refreshing and exciting! With each session, it's rewarding to watch parents encourage the imagination and exploration of movement with their children. I think today, more than ever, it is so important to encourage a passion for physical activity and a time for parents to support and even be a part of the development of physical literacy.

I love seeing the children being able to have fun with their parents and genuinely enjoy the games they can play together, in a time set aside just for them to be in each other's company. I love seeing the parents demonstrate being physically active and have their children being a part of that experience. With a background myself in health and fitness, my goal is that we can create a habit of families being active together, supporting and motivating each other, and building memories based on creative play.