Meet the Team

Our team is passionate and committed to making a positive impact on families lives.


My favourite thing about Skadoosch is that I get to experience my theory-based knowledge in real life. Having studied behaviour change models in depth, I am well aware of how difficult it is to build a new habit or adapt to a slightly different lifestyle. Skadoosch, however, has been designed amazingly well around all factors that might prevent families from becoming physically active. Our classes are easy to engage in, easy to commit to and fun to do for all age groups.

The best part of being a class leader is to see families’ commitment and love for Skadoosch. They are willing to get up early on a Sunday morning for a class when the kids are usually still very sleepy. As soon as we get started with the warmup, the family starts playing games together, the laughter starts and everybody gets physically active, without thinking of it as something they have to do, but rather something they enjoy doing.