Partner with us

Skadoosch creates opportunities for our partners to realise their potential in achieving common goals.

For Schools

  • Support families in their pursuit of more meaningful interactions together.
  • Remove physical barriers for families, by offering or providing new venues for families to participate in physical activity.
  • Support school staff with opportunities to further develop skills to deliver new activities and games
  • Encourage social interactions within the school grounds to build community within the school.
  • Build on the positive impact that physical activity can have on a child’s ability to concentrate and learn.

Local Council

  • Demonstrate the Borough’s commitment to their families by helping to promote family interaction and activity.
  • Help relay the messages that active lifestyles can bring to children, and the positive impact this has on their local Borough’s.
  • Educate families on the role the Borough plays in the provision and maintenance of initiatives and facilities for them to remain healthy and active.
  • Help families to merge education with leisure and recreation, in partnership with Skadoosch and schools.

Brand Partners

  • Speak directly to your audience and help children (or families) lead healthier and happier lives.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to every families opportunity to maximise their physical, social and mental well-being.
  • Share your brands goodwill message and contribution to the community.
  • Promote your companies values outside the initial brand offering to a wider audience.

Partners help families discover their potential

There are clear benefits to becoming a partner and the desired outcome is always to help develop and maintain healthy, happy families within the community. We look forward to working together with you to help achieve this.

Creating healthy, happy, families

Our current partners

We work with companies who support our life changing work and are committed to transforming the lives of children.

Take action and move together

Join the movement

Use your influence to increase physical education and physical activity in the lives of families.