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Why Skadoosch
is Different

At Skadoosch we create highly customised classes specific to our individual families.

To do this we identify key family characteristics - capabilities, goals, space available; building a programme from 70+ proprietary, evidence based physical activity games.

Warm Up


Warm Down

Classes are developed with Skadoosch’s expert advisors; teachers, physiotherapists and physical activity professionals and are delivered by trained Class Leaders (e.g. PE teachers, teaching assistants, sporting coaches). This support ensures that there is direct interaction to help guide each family through, and to provide re-assurance to participants lacking confidence.

The demand for live-streamed exercise classes has never been higher. However, they are prone to engagement fatigue as users lose interest due to lack of personalisation which is critical risk to encouraging long term physical activity. Skadoosch has created a family-centric programme focussed on greater engagement compared to other classes because:

Muscular Strength




  • Classes are bespoke to the family, held in a 1:1 at home setting.
  • Classes use items readily available in the household (eg. socks, washing baskets, soft balls).
  • Classes allow parents and children to work together.
  • Classes focus on a wider range of the physical literacy components and fundamental movement skills (vetted by physiotherapists).