The New Performance Equation

Classes for Business

Our classes empower workplaces to lift employee engagement by prioritising well-being at home and work, transforming individual resilience and support for families.

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  • Free 30min introductory class for up to 5 families within your organisation.
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Perfect for companies with 20+ employees. Built with larger organisations in mind that need a set of classes that support growth.

  • £2,100 for 105 classes
  • You save 35%
  • Based on 1 class per week this equates to 25 families for 1 month or 13 families for 2 months.
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Perfect for companies with up to 20 employees. This class pack is great for workplaces looking to get started.

  • £450 for 20 classes
  • You save 25%
  • Based on 1 class per week this equates to 5 families for a month or 3 families for 2 months.
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Move Together

Join families all over the world in moving together anywhere, anytime—every day
Employee Well-being

Transform your companies wellness offerings

Impacted Mindset
Increased stress at work
Increased stress at home
Wellness programs have become
the new performance equation
Individual and
organisational resilience
Improved employee engagement and purpose
Improved movement skills and physical literacy
Reduced stress at home and at work
Positive relationships

Stress at home easily translates into stress at work making it critical for employers to adapt to these challenges to maintain engaged, productive employees. Skadoosh is the solution to reducing family stress and building employee resilience through physical activity.

Employee Resilience


attitude and emotion, growth mindset


fit, safety, tools, enablement, support


work, home, family, community


meaning and mission of work and life


ability to perform, achieve and grow
Hear From Our Families

Families are already discovering new and fantastic ways to encourage each other whilst creating memorable moments during our classes.

“Our daughter Xanthe really enjoyed the classes, I think the interaction with the class leader Lizi helped massively. In fact we call it ‘Exercise with Rob and Lizi’. Great that it was tailored to her too. I like the fact it makes fitness fun and you don’t need tonnes of space or equipment. The duration is just right and for me it was nice to see and hear her father Matt and Xanthe having fun together.”
Helen Apaloo
Skadoosch Participant
“Skadoosch classes provided us with quality time as a family and an allocated time to interact and engage with each other without distractions. As the weeks progressed we saw the children’s co-operation, confidence and ability develop.”
France Family
Skadoosch Participant
“During lockdown we have really lacked the motivation to get outside as a family and exercise together, Skadoosch have really helped us change that. Our kids are so excited before every session, the variety of games we play during each session really keeps them engaged for the full 30 minutes - no mean feat with a 3 and 9 year old!"
Wilson Family
Skadoosch Participant
“Skadoosch have created a fun and easy to use platform that quickly became something that both my daughter and I looked forward to. The simplicity of set up and the idea of using every day household objects to create a challenging workout added to the overall experience. Great job on an excellent platform!”
Josh Higgins
Skadoosch Participant